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My teaching philosophy reflects my economic perspective regarding the value of utilizing the unique knowledge possessed by each individual I strive to create an environment that encourages active student participation in the learning process and structure each class so that students have the opportunity to go beyond memorization to creatively apply core concepts to written and verbal assignments, improve their analytical abilities, and learn from one another.  I transform my classroom into a real-life application of the principles I teach so that they may learn through experience.  I use news, music, television, and movie clips to reinforce new concepts and relate them to my students' lives in a way in which they are familiar.  I emphasize the importance and relevance of the principles I teach to our daily lives and I use examples from my personal experience in business, policy, and international environments to show how they apply outside the classroom.  My goal is to relay my enthusiasm for learning economics to my students and give them the tools and motivation to continue the journey begun in my class.

Doodle courtesy of team Mighty Metis, fall 2011, Econ 385

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